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Every family will be asked to read and sign the Policy Agreement as follows:

  •  All due care will be taken with your pet(s) for the safety of pet and groomer.  The client is aware that neglect of their pet's coat can be a cause for problems after grooming such as clipper/brush irritation.  If your pet is wiggly or doesn't remain still during the grooming procedure accidents can happen such as nicks from clippers or scissors.
  • Pets must be up to date with their rabies vaccine.
  • Pets with any communicable disease cannot be groomed until a veterinarian confirms they are no longer contagious. 
  • Pets with open wounds or stitches will also not be groomed until they are healed properly.  This ensures safety for your pet, other pets, and salon staff.
  • We do not groom sedated pets, nor do we sedate pets in the salon. 
  • We retain the right to refuse service to any pet we feel is unable to be groomed safely. Tranquilized pets will not be accommodated as they should be done in the safety of a vet clinic/hospital with an ‘in-house’ groomer.
  • Grooming services can be stopped mid-groom if necessary for the safety of my pet or groomer and I understand I will pay for the portion of the groom completed.
  • We welcome senior and special-needs pets however, their comfort comes first and foremost in the planning of their styling. 
  • When your pet checks in, we will discuss appropriate hair style options. Throughout the groom, your pet's safety and comfort take precedence over cosmetic desires.
  • Pets must be leashed or in a carrier when coming into and leaving the salon.  We are not responsible for unleashed pet's behavior.  This is for your pet's safety as not all pets are receptive to chance meetings in neutral territory.
  • There is a $30 fee for NSF/returned checks, at which time we will go to a cash only basis.


  • We do not require pets to stay all day. We schedule pets throughout the day so that we can keep them only a minimal amount of time. Most pets are with us from 2-4 hours.
  • Appointments arriving more than 15 minutes late will be subject to a $20 late fee and may need to reschedule.  
  • If you have any special requests please let us know at check in.  
  • Pet parents are welcome to stay during their pet's appointment, however we ask that parents not speak to their pet while they are on the table as it gets them overly excited and can make grooming more difficult.

Pick Up

  • Pets must be picked up within 1 hour of agreed upon pick up time or call from the salon.  A petsitting fee of $10/hr will be added for every hour following.
  • Please let us give you a call when your pet is ready. This avoids you coming early and getting your pet excited.  We want to keep your pet safe and do our very best styling. 
  • Please look over your pet upon pickup. Let us know if there are changes you would prefer on future appointments. We will make note of those requested changes. If you have any questions about the care or grooming  we have given your pet, please let us know within 24 hours of your pets grooming. If done within that time frame, we will be happy to go over your pet’s trim to meet your satisfaction. Anything beyond 24 hours we will make note of any changes you like made for future groomings.

Cancellations/No Shows

  • Any cancellation less than 24 hours will be subject to a fee of 50% of their regular groom price.
  • There will only be one last minute cancellation or no show allowed before you will be subject to a fee. Please understand that if you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, we lose income. We cannot fill a missed appointment with little or no notice. Please be considerate of our time and let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule. You can call the salon or send an email. 
  • Any new client that no shows without notice will be required to pay for their pet’s next appointment in advance before we reschedule them again.


  • We take your pet's health and safety very seriously, and therefore will not dematt badly matted dogs.  We allot 15 minutes of dematting time; any pet requiring more than this amount of dematting will be clipped to avoid pain and frustration.  Extra fees will apply to pets needing dematting by clipping or brushing.  We will discuss these possibilities with you at check in, or over the phone before we clip your pet.


  • There is a $25 charge for any pet that must be treated for fleas or ticks.

You understand and agree to the above terms for the grooming and maintenance of my pet(s) and in consideration of the grooming services of Hair of the Dog LLC agree to hold harmless from damage, loss or claims arising from any known or unknown pre-existing condition of your pet(s).  The terms, special services or handling shall include but are not limited to veterinarian emergency services in the event you are not available.
You authorize Hair of the Dog Salon to act as your agent in the event emergency veterinarian services, boarding, care-taking, and/or transportation is necessary and you agree to pay all costs. Any/all damages, loss or claim shall include but not limited to death, injury, or shock.  Said pre-existing conditions shall not be limited to advanced age, extreme nervousness, neurosis, illness, previous injury, skin or coat conditions, or mental conditions.
You have read and understand your rights and obligations as written in this agreement for the services of pet grooming through the Hair of the Dog Salon.